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I write music because it pours out of me, and it's the best way I know to give space to the emotions of life. My goal is to continue to create good art that resonates with other people's hearts because it was first true and honest with my own.

I grew up in Kansas, spent some time in Virginia Beach, and now enjoy the music and acting scene out here in Los Angeles. My music is a cross between the upbeat rhythm of Jason Mraz and the passionate artistry of Damien Rice. While continuing to write new music and reinvent great covers, I am looking to collaborate with other professionals and continue to grow as an artist. 

Here's what some rad people said about my music:

-----"I was passing by my computer and heard your song and I think my life was changed."

-----"I could stand outside and listen to you play all night. Thanks for the song. It put a much needed smile on my face."



Acting Resume:

Jonathan Regier


Height: 6'1"

Hair: Strawberry Blonde

Eyes: Blue


Location: Valley Village, CA

Willing to travel

Hi! I'm Jonathan Regier as in “Re-gear” like you are fixing a clock or a bike :) I'm an actor in L.A. and I love learning from and collaborating with storytellers and dreamers here and around the world.


Growing up in smalltown Kansas where everyone waves hi to strangers, I enjoy meeting new people and always try to see the best in others. And while some people might criticize Kansas for a “lack of things to do”, I found that I could go anywhere and be anything on the wings of my imagination. Acting quickly became a natural conduit for this expression, giving me the opportunity to experience countless different lives and situations while offering meaningful stories and mirthful escape to those around me.


I started in the theatre and had a blast playing Euple Byrd in a National Tour of “Stand By Your Man, The Tammy Wynette Story”. And then I fell in love with film—it's collaborative nature, the fact that it can live forever, and the opportunity it affords for unparalleled truth and realism. Some of my favorite projects include leading roles in the independent feature “Raltat,” which shot both in the U.S. and Morocco, and the short film “Fallen,” which won Best Silent Film in the Coney Island Film Festival 2011. I also portrayed Lyndon in the psychological thriller “Red Sheep” which won the Award of Excellence in the 2012 L.A. Film Awards.


Now that I've been in L.A. for a couple years and have my feet under me, I'm ready to lock arms with other amazing people in this industry and tell great stories! Won't you join me? :)




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Jonathan Regier

Valley Village, CA 91607


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